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What is the best solution for your Lake Velence-business to provide online information to foreign tourists and locals? - a foreign language-catalogue about tourism of Lake Velence

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Why is it important to upload informations about the Lake Velence region in English?

  • because the majority of EU’s population can be reached with the English content
  • the Lake Velence is a highlighted region of the touristic development plan and in a few years it’s touristic potential will grow and attract more and more foreign guests.
  • there are a lot of values around Lake Velence that are invisible online at the moment especially in foreign languages
  • there are a lot of foreign newcomers who move to Lake Velence region

Why should you choose for online appearance in English?

  • because our local team has international developer and online marketing experience. We insure high visitor numbers and technical proficiency of
  • because there is no information about the Lake Velence region and aims to provide the widest Hungarian-English language catalogue, be a part of it!
  • The is optimized to the search engines, its content can be easily updated and it is reasonably priced for your business.

What sort of appearance do we offer for your Lake Velence business?

  • You will have a full landing page with an administration field provided with the following content:
  • Hungarian and English description about your business, service our touristic attraction.
  • professional Photos about your features
  • short video about your business
  • ‘contact’ area (contact details and social media icons, map)

Would you like an individual website? - We can help!

  • Website development and internet marketing management service
  • Content under own domain
  • Reasonable pricing, short deadline, best technical construction (page speed: 100!)
  • Multiple language, reachable on portable and desktop devices
  • SEO optimized content

Our References

Air Con Energy

The company Air Con Energy is situated at Székesfehérvár. Its profile is air conditioning and climate technologies and heat-pump technologies. The heat-pump technology is rather a new business for them, and we have built an info-marketing website about this heating facility to further their services that they provide. This is a Wordpress, cross-platform, responsive website with individually developed template that is based on bootstrap compatible library.


The NATO info-website of the ‘Honvédség és Társadalom Baráti Kör - HTBKSZ’ (Military and Society Circle of Friends) Organisation at Székesfehérvár. Experts of The Military Memorial Park at Pákozd and the HTBKSZ ordered the custom made, cakePHP-based, crossplatform and responsive website from us. This website was developed for the NATO in the Schoolbag nationwide conference series. It provides informative videos and downloadable material for teaching about the NATO for primary and secondary education teachers. It also sums up the conference series of 2018 and provides a photo galery of the events. This Hungarian NATO site aims to give information in educational level about the NATO’s national and international activities and role in peacekeeping.

Stehlik Norbert

Norbert Stehlik landing page at catalogue - an example of what we offer.
Norbert is a lover of Lake Velence, and so are his outstanding and unique pictures that perfectly resemble the atmosphere of the lakeside lifestyle. He has exhibitions of his pictures periodically around the lake. He works as a photographer but also sells his photos of the Lake Velence and many more. He is very popular among wedding couples also, because his work garanties proficiency and creativity. This profile page is a part of, and it functions as a landing page for Norbert Stehlik Photography.


The Phonic Chat website is for our own startup development at Gárdony Coworking called Phonic Chat, which is an online multidimensional music making App and Platform. This is a platform for socializing among musicians and fans while making new musical projects. The main idea of the Platform is to take the music making process to the level of a common experience of the community while music is not a product. The platform’s working language is English. The development has to directions: for musicians we’re developing an App that can record to an Ipad, and for fans an App with social and educational functions. We would like to involve venture from music industry to move further with our project.